Kicking out Google Chrome, and PhraseExpress


I just uninstalled Google Chrome browser from my laptop. Earlier, I had uninstalled PhraseExpress. I loved the two programs, but hated what Chrome did to my laptop and did not find much use of PhraseExpress after trying it out for quite a while.

Google Chrome is fast and powerful, and it seeks to become an embedded operating system on top of my Windows 7 operating system. If you have ever run a virtual PC environment, and then loaded an OS on top of another, then you understand the implications on memory, disk and CPU, which the extra load causes.

As for PhraseExpress, I just did not find its auto correct feature as shocking as I would want it to be. I loved the idea of running auto correct and phrase expander on any program running on my computer, but I type very much on MS Word and is where I wanted all the assistance I could get. I do not type the same thing over and over; so, I found no major use of the program. What I need is something like what smartphones offer in their keyboards. a program that lets me type and then learns my major mistakes, then corrects them for me, such that, I do not even notice that I made a certain mistake.

That’s it.

For Chrome, I am fed up with the use of too much resources. Even if I have 4GB of RAM, I still prefer programs running on my computer to be as efficient as possible.

As Chrome goes, I have had to sync my Firefox browser just to get the passwords and bookmarks on the cloud for remote use. For anyone having a slow computer, lets say one with about 1GB of RAM, please stop using Chrome or use it with only one tab open at a time. At the same time, uninstall Flash, because it is a memory hog. I hate it. Thank G, most videos nowadays come in HTML5 format.