Using a portable bluetooth keyboard with phone/laptop


A portable keyboard is not permanently attached to anything. By this statement, I mean that it is not attached to a device like a phone, tablet or laptop. You cannot say that it is a laptop keyboard or a phone keyboard. It can be either, depending on what you are using it for.

For me, a potable keyboard has made things more bearable. Typing on the phone is now just as easy as typing on the laptop. The best thing about the portable keyboard is that it is lightweight. Another thing I love about it is that it remains cool throughout.

A generic portable keyboard

I do not have to curse at my laptop because when I am typing on it, it does not have to sit on my lap.

I would not want to call this a productivity tool. Instead, I would call it a convinience tool. It allows me to use my phone more like a portable computer. It allows me to get used to a keyboard format that works on the laptop and on most other bluetooth enabled gadgets like other phones, tablets and laptops. Lets wait and see what I will write about it in few weeks to come, when I am used to using this portable keyboard.