Flux, a story of a laptop, eyes, and writing

My friend,

“Monica, come home to me, yea come home to me my dear… Teresea, I’m tired of lookin’ bae, I’m into you, your rear”

That was part of the chorus on the song Dresser (Lil Boy) by 2 Chainz and Young Thug

Terrible, this is not something I want to have written on my deathbed, yet I am finding out that my laptop is actually a good thing for writing, and I love it. I end up writing whats on my mind. I know people have said that it is heating up a lot, and I have had some issues with it as it heats up. However, I am also convinced that it is heating up because I am running many things on it. I mean, imagine running XP or any other Windows OS, but with all the services closed. I mean no Wi-Fi and all other radios, no brightness and all other things. This makes it so easy to write on the laptop, like I am currently doing, and I mean, I love the fact that my laptop can really be a friend on this one. Yeah, man, this is the hurricane, and when it pours it rains, (I know I got that last one wrong). Do not worry; I just made that up so that I can see how much I have really done in a while.

Mid-way through writing this letter to a superficial person, I realize that it can be my system for writing to the daily goal on 750words.com website. I could also be using it as a typing test. Because, I see it as way to carry out what I am doing now. Deep down, I know that I do not have to use a MacBook. If I have all that money, I might make a smarter choice like get the Dell XPS 13, which I think should be light enough. But, again, a MacBook is really worth it. I mean, I have used a ThinkPad, and would give anything for a ThinkPad. Then I have interacted with high-resolution displays, and I have interacted with tools with an excellent build. An example is my blackberry z10, which interestingly was all-plastic, but it felt premium in the way it sounded, took pictures and played video, and browsed. Too bad the heating problem and the battery life was unbearable.

Then used my iPhone 5 and the display was marvelous. Unfortunately, the boxy shape and the size was not for me, I felt that the boxy shape made it difficult to do one-handed operations for long. I have used the Tecno J7 and the resolution on a big screen phone make it worthy (It’s just about retina specs i.e. almost 300ppi). The YouTube videos are just cool to watch. Then again, I could just be suffering from a consumerist attitude; where I am just bumping up my needs and justifying them, when they are just wants. I mean, I did so much with my ThinkPad r40, and God knows, if it wasn’t for me having to return it to its owner, I would have that machine and could make it my writing machine. For one, it did not have the heating problems that I am currently experiencing with this replacement ThinkPad t430. It was slower. Actually, it was slow; with only 512 MB of RAM in this year of our lord, which is 2015.

My ThinkPad r40 that was very reliable.
My ThinkPad r40 that was very reliable with long battery life.

Again, I must say the beast managed about 6 hours of battery life, it was metallic, and I loved the hardiness of the machine. Very blocky, old school. I know I got looks when I hit the coffee shop and typed for five hours without looking for some power outlet. Yeah, that was the beast. Unfortunately, with windows XP, and 512 of RAM, all you can do is, type. No browsing allowed, because Chrome is a memory hog.

Even on this super cool, t430, I have to keep away from Chrome. I have even heard people ditching a mac for a chrome book because Chrome on their mac has issues. I mean, the New MacBook just told someone (I mean popped up a notification) that it is better to close Chrome because his or her laptop was heating. I have dealt with this problem before. I do not use Chrome, unless I have to. I have a Chrome replacement and it’s called Diglo. It is just Chrome, but faster. Plays the YouTube videos very well and very fast. It allows me to have as many tabs as my 4GB of RAM on the t430 can handle. I must say, 4GB of RAM is plenty of tabs open at the same time. However, I do about 10 to 1 tab open at any time. It gets too crowded when I have more than that on my computer.

MacBook says, "Kill Chrome"
MacBook says, “Kill Chrome”

I have to tell you something else. It is still in the realm of talking about computers that I use for writing. I call myself a writer, even though most of the time, what I write is in my capacity as a ghost. Yes, ghostwriter. I have this Flux software on my Windows 7 ThinkPad t430 laptop. It is awesome. I mean the software, though the computer is also awesome, if you know what a ThinkPad, which is working fine, is. I have just discovered today that I can switch the software to darkroom mode. Here, everything turns to negative. If you used the pinhole cameras that were popular in Kenyan rural areas before year 2004 then you know what I mean. There was the camera film that we called a negative. I think it was because of the image appearing in negative color; whatever that means. I have no exact words to describe it. Nevertheless, imagine inverting the white to become black and then having black as white. The rest of the colors appear as shades of red, and the white is not white but a shade of it, deviating towards a warm color.

With Flux software for Windows, you can stare on your screen forever and your eyes won’t hurt. Now imagine me waking up at 4 am. I have to hit the keyboard. Actually, I refer to that as banging (morning-glory, anyone?). Yes, the light from the computer is just killing my eyes, and I give up and go back to sleep. However, with Flux, everything goes black and to the background, and I am just looking at a screen that appears well tuned to my waking up eye-state. It is a very simple trick, yet it is very magical. Remind me to donate to the people making Flux. I think they have done a good job. Due to that amazing job, let me also title this post as Flux. I know, it started as a rumbling, but over time, I thought is has become a story that I can put on christianokwena.wordpress.com blog. After all, it has been months since you had something to read here, so this will be a good start.

If you want your eyes to have peace when you are staring at your computer for hours, then get Flux. With its settings, you can tweak your display. It is akin to the night mode apps that you get on PlayStore that let your phone’s screen be dark and warm so that it does not hurt your eyes at night.

I just realized that the screenshots I was taking do not capture the negative color effect, so I will have to give a manual screenshot (photo taken with my phone). One thing you notice is that when the screen is in normal mode, the keyboard is not visible. I mean, the light from the screen blurs the lens of the camera. I think it also blurs the eyes, only that they are more powerful that the lens of a camera. Consider that information as evidence of the inconvenience that light from the screen causes on your eyes when you least want light (at night).

screenshot of Flux desktop effect on Window 7, Lenovo ThinkPad t430
screenshot of Flux desktop effect on Window 7, Lenovo ThinkPad t430
screenshot desktop  Window 7, Lenovo ThinkPad t430
screenshot desktop Window 7, Lenovo ThinkPad t430

…story ends abruptly.