KCB Machakos Rally 2014 – the bits you missed!

I am terribly sorry to the likes of Wyclife whose only glimpse of the Safari Rally is the newspaper, Twitter and christianokwena blog. He he!

Lets roll down to Alfred Mutua’s backyard, recount the #KCB machakos rally, and see just how much we missed, by virtue of not having a car, hired, owned or otherwise.

My friend, my friend, this one must be a brief one, because my schedule for posting on this blog is yet to come back to its shuptmasm as I expected. Wonder no more, I just invented the new word, to replace what many would say shebang; a word that came to me without a clue.

Here is a pic, to get us rolling; it was taken on the edges of Machakos people’s park, the thing that actually attracted me to Machakos county.


the beautiful vista that was the rally+dam, check out the sky…

The rally took place in the plains of ‘Mayakos’, as you would pronounce the name. The distance was too far for walking or cycling, and the bicycle taxi guys were exorbitant. Another excuse of not being in the deep wild scenes was that, the safety crew sealed off all roads to the main rally stages as long as the rally went on. You either got in early or did not get in at all. Safety comes first, so do not mind the discomfort, which was the story.

I realized this late, when after the spectator stage at the people’s park, a flood of peeps arrived in their Subaru style swag! Am telling you, I’ve never seen so many dirty civilian Subaru cars with UFOs (fly blonde-like chics). I must have missed the memo. This was a swaggariffic affair, where Nairobi exports its middle class culture as if it’s a G thang!

One of the rally cars  on the ride home after the rally

One of the rally cars on the ride home after the rally

Being the first time down these plains was itself very exhilarating for me, and my crew. With our monsters and sprites, we set off to explore the town, checked out a local joint, had fry beef and an example of Ugali sauce. I think the sembe was smaller than a tablet, barely enough to get the approval of a Luhya mundu (guy).

A few monsters and sprites

A few monsters and sprites to quench thirst at #kcbmachakosrally

And the food in the town is expensive, might as well live off the supermarket shelves alone. And I thought of a litre of yoghurt, but one of my guys insisted on ‘pulling a show’, so monsters we went.

Cool thing about the people’s park is that it is lovely placed on a hill-slope against a dam, which is big enough to pass for a small lake.

The breeze was ecstatic; the grass was barely making it, given that trees were still seedlings.

The concept is good; I loved the hang out, with so many strangers in one place, a perfect outing for a people’s observer like me.

After waiting for hours, the cars finally came, one at a time, into the park from one end and out of it from the other. We positioned ourselves at a nice stretch, at the side of the track where we could get some picture shots.

The track was too tiny and short.

There was no room for skidding, drifting or speeding!

Picture of KCB safari rally machakos

In the rally circles, this is what we call a spectator stage!

Now, away from the safari rally, and back to the traffic, on the way back to Nai, the jam, the fleet of cars, the highway turned parking lot, the frustration, drunkenness, sit-on-the-roof shuptmasm! Need I say more?

See yah at the next event!