Lead Generation - Is the grass really greener on the other side of the fence

Above Life’s Turmoil – Why I go to see whether the grass is greener on the other side

Here is what prompts me to say “Shit Happens!”

First, you psyche yourself up and be grateful for things going so well in your relationship with a certain girl such that, you decide to propose (go down on one knee literally, at a cool place) only for her to want out a few days b4 the D-day. I prefer using ‘b4′ rather than ‘before’.

Secondly, you get some cash that you so wanted to use on some other shiny new thing, only for one of your previous shiny new things to break down and urgently need replacement.

It sucks, when all you have done is wait days to finally see your new project, prize or whatever else fits that group, only for the rain to come, flood the area, cut out communication lines and cause unforeseen delays that only resolve after your window of opportunity is over.

It’s actually bullshit, on the universe’s part; at least, that is the way I would see it at the particular moment.

Fear not child, you are as valid as the leaves, stars and air in this world. You have your place besides them irrespective of what is happening and how you perceive it. Lift your eyes higher, beyond the personal and look at the arrangement of your affairs with things, situations and other people. It is all just going according to laid out rules. It’s chaotic in an ordered way because certain actions lead to certain reactions. And certain reactions occur even when actions are invisible.

I am currently learning Game as part of my personal improvement, and the red pill option is quite insightful; knowing that your action and inaction all lead to certain eventualities. While, I would still be bitter of the events described in the first lines of this post, I now opt to try another way of reaching at the same end, just to see what other obstacles and perplexities await me.

Rather than consider the grass being greener the other side, I am going to explore the so-called other side, and confirm my hypotheses. Even after I find it as green as I thought, I might still come back to this side, and go on to find other sides, after all I think circles have infinite sides, and that gives me infinite possibilities.

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Above Life's Turmoil book cover
Above Life’s Turmoil book cover